Bisexual wrestler Ollie Burns is set to burst onto our screens on Sunday, as he brings Priscilla: Queen of the Ring to fly-on-the-wall wrestling show TNA Wrestling: British Boot Camp. The programme, which is on at 9pm on satellite channel Challenge, shows the search for the UK’s next wrestling superstar in an eight-part series.

Ollie – who is already big in the relatively small wrestling scene in the UK – has given So So Gay exclusive access to a clip of himself on the show.

Priscilla has been wrestling for over 13 years, originally under the name Ollie Burns. But bisexual Ollie soon realised that something was missing and felt uncomfortable in the macho world of wrestling. He told us: ‘After thinking long and hard, and almost quitting 100 times, Priscilla was born. Strutting out of the closet and into the wrestling ring, Priscilla brings a unique style of cat-fighting and bitch-slapping that always unsettles opponents.’

Ollie started wrestling at the age of 13 and now hopes to live his dreams as an international wrestling star with TNA – which would see him relocate to the US and wrestle at huge arena shows all over the world.

Wrestlers from across the UK and Ireland were invited by TNA to attend open wrestling try-outs filmed in the three locations of TNA’s 2015 tour: Glasgow, Manchester and London. The budding pros will have to demonstrate their prowess and wrestling skills to a panel of judges made up of three of TNA’s top personalities – Samoa Joe, Gail Kim and Al Snow.

Wrestlers auditioning for TNA’s British Boot Camp will have to prove themselves before the judges to progress in the competition, with the stakes getting higher after each progressing round. Wrestlers making it past the audition round will return to face off against one another in a ‘Best of Britain’ showcase, where the top competitors from the event will win the opportunity to travel to the US to continue in the series.

The winner will receive a contract from TNA President Dixie Carter to become a full-time member of the TNA Impact Wrestling roster. Three runners-up will also win a spot on TNA’s annual UK tour, which will take place in January 2015.

The winner of the first series of British Boot Camp, Birmingham bank clerk turned wrestler Rockstar Spud is now a successful member of the TNA roster, representing the company at events all over the world. Spud will be on hand to counsel and encourage this year’s contestants throughout the series.

British Boot Camp Executive Producer and TV presenter Jeremy Borash adds: ‘The number one question I always get from fans across the UK is “when will we get a second season of British Boot Camp?”

‘Everything about season two will be bigger, more competitive, and more exciting for our fans. If you loved the first season of Boot Camp, then fasten your seatbelt!’