LGBT rights charity Stonewall’s new website launches today, emphasising its new tagline: Acceptance without exception.

The fresh new look for the 26-year-old charity includes clearer designs and easier search functions, a new information structure to enable better more intuitive navigation and a responsive design. All of Stonewall’s websites – Stonewall Scotland, Stonewall Cymru and Young Stonewall – have also been integrated to sit across one site.

Additionally, Stonewall has recently added the tagline ‘Acceptance without exception’ to its famous star logo, demonstrating its commitment to making real change to ensure everyone, everywhere is free to be themselves.

Content has also been refreshed to make the information engaging and clear, with new film and photo content to be developed to ensure the site is fully accessible. The website now also hosts Stonewall’s expansive library of research and publications in a new format so they’re easier to browse and download.

A new section – Stonewall Says – communicates the charity’s view on news, recent trends and issues affecting LGBT people; and there is a spotlight on Stonewall volunteers to celebrate their achievements and demonstrate the benefits of volunteering as well as encouraging others to get involved.