Supermarket giant Tesco is coming under fire after a gay couple were subjected to a vile anti gay rant by a member of staff.

Steve Luetchford and boyfriend Mattia Pieveni were shopping together in Brixton, when Pieveni held his hand, told him he loved him and kissed him on the cheek.

‘A woman went ballistic at us saying, “how dare you do that here, there are children here, you people are disgusting do that at home you have no right to do that in here”,’ said Luetchford on his Facebook page. He added that he was ‘mostly pissed that the other employees just laughed at us when the employee called us names.’

‘The only thing I want is to be able to hold my boyfriend’s hand and not have to think twice because I might get shamed in public,’ he said.

A Tesco spokesperson commented: ‘Everyone is welcome at Tesco so we take any allegations of discrimination extremely seriously. Our Brixton Store Manager is looking into the incident and our customer service team, who are in contact with Mr Luetchford, will update him as soon as they can.’

Last year, Sainsbury’s were forced to apologise after a lesbian couple were ordered to stop kissing by a security guard, citing ‘the safety of her child.’