Around Christmas time, most of us are all too used to being at the parents’, aunt’s or cousin’s house, in an overheated, under-ventilated room, stuffed full of food, and being fed as though you’ve not eaten in weeks. First come the snacks, then the big meal, and then more snacks. Crisps, chocolates, nuts… and despite not even liking the biscuits they put out, you still eat them, because if you didn’t, you’d have to think of something better to do!

But crisps can be fun too, as posh English crisp brand Tyrrells are proving, with their special limited edition Merry Crisp-mas crisps, featuring a mix of red and white potatoes hand cooked until they are ‘deep and crisp and even’. The crisps, like all Tyrrells, are thick and crunchy, and not too oily.

Only available in the run up to Christmas, the special packs of Merry Crisp-mas crisps are made from small batches of Lady Claire and Highland Burgundy potatoes; the distinctive red and white crisps are lightly seasoned with a sprinkling of sea salt.

We tried them with our parents-in-law, and loved them. Actually, Tyrrells were kind enough to bribe us with send us a big box full of several different types of their crisps, and we can confirm that they make a tasty range of other crisps, including roast chicken flavour, and roast beef & horseradish. Normally, we’re not a big fan of flavoured crisps, since they tend to taste more of salt than anything else, but actually, of the ones we’ve tried so far, they sort of taste like their description.


Available from independent stores nationwide until 31 December, Tyrrells Merry Crisp-mas crisps have a RRP of £2.19 for 150g.