Two Soho bars could be permanently closed after their bouncers attacked a man with baseball bats.

According to a report in the West End Extra, police were called to Madame JoJo’s and the adjoining bar, Escape, in Brewer Street, after the taxi organiser working there attacked a man who had been involved in what they described as a ‘verbal altercation’.

Sergeant Frank Partridge told the licensing department at Westminster Council: ‘The taxi operator runs up the road and hits the black male several times with a bat. He is joined [by others] from Madame JoJo’s and Escape, who all attack the male.’

Police said that the incident began when a bouncer from Escape allegedly head-butted the man. Partridge wrote: ‘The male is then pinned against the wall… where he is punched numerous times…’

CCTV shows the man then going into the club and throwing bottles at bar staff, instead hitting a bystander. He was arrested, but says he was not aware he had hit anyone.

Police said that security guards had baseball bats hidden in black bin liners in the club’s reception and added: ‘Another male security guard from Madame JoJo’s can be seen on CCTV, in the reception, to remove an item in a bin liner from an overhead shelf.’ When officers visited later, they found a baseball bat hidden behind a fire extinguisher.

Cllr Tim Mitchell, chair of the licensing committee said that the council ‘had no choice but to suspend the licences of both Madame JoJo’s and Escape bar in Soho.’

Both venues will remain closed until the council has held a full review of both licences. So So Gay’s Caspar Aremi reports that the club nights were moved to another venue because of ‘flooding’, while a sign on the door currently reads, ‘Due to unforeseen circumstances Madame JoJo’s will be closed today… apologies for the inconvienence’.

“This will allow others to express their concerns about, or support for, the venues.”