A man has been attacked as he stood outside The Box nightclub in another vicious homophobic attack.

So So Gay reported in July about arrests following an attack by two drunk men on a number of drag queens in Soho; on the evening of 30 October, 20-year-old Benedict Stewardson was approached by a man who told him ‘it wasn’t Halloween yet’ after seeing his drag attire.

Stewardson said in a Facebook post: ‘They asked me to fight them, told me I had a problem, told me it is Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve and that I’m wrong because I get “bummed”. They punched me in the jaw against a wall and ran.’

He told The Mirror: ‘Usually, people will just say “gay boy” or “faggot” as they walk past you or shout abuse from cars going in the opposite direction to you. Usually it’s just homophobia but then I think because we wear our queerness on our sleeves as drag queens we’re easier targets.’

The incident is being treated by the police as a homophobic hate crime, but no arrests have so far been made.