A friendly little fuzzy named Ferdinand is caught up in a world filled with bubbles. Your job is to free him and his tribe of warm fuzzies from the suffocating grasp of the colourful bubbles and protect them from the spreading misery of the pricklies.

Hand painted by artist Murray Gaylard and programmed by his ex boyfriend (but still best friend) Romano Cassellini, Fuzzytopia is a ‘match three’ game with a difference – it’s cute and more addictive than you think it’s going to be. If you die, you get to repeat the level instead of going back to the beginning; and you can win or buy powerups to help you along.


Romano says: ‘We were on holiday in Vietnam a few years ago, addicted to bubble shooters ourselves, but sick of games which relied too heavily on computer generated imagery. We decided to create a game in which he could use the paintbrushes Murray loves so much. He really painted everything in the game – even the fuzzies are made of blue candy floss, which was then photographed (and eaten).’


Murray says he stayed in his Berlin studio late into the evenings drawing each level individually. The game combines wonderful watercolour graphics, smooth game play and gentle ambient sound, making a gaming experience, which, he says, creates ‘an atmosphere unique for a bubble shooter.’



Fuzzytopia is available for iOS on the App Store.