Gay cycling icon Graeme Obree – famous for breaking the bicycle-powered speed record – is trying to raise £20,000 in Kickstarter funding towards a film about his life.

Filmmakers Journey Pictures have finished two years of filming a documentary about the two-time world record holder and world champion, which includes discussions about his series of suicide attempts and five years of therapy. The documentary covers Graeme’s entire story, from the fight with his demons to his cycling victories.

Production manager Zoe Lavoie-Gouin says: ‘In the light of the recent revelations concerning Tom Daley, we feel that it is fundamental to keep trying to bridge the gap between homosexuality and sports. Graeme’s fear of coming out was enhanced by the homophobia still present in sport and it is our duty to share his story so the future can be brighter for the new generation of athletes.

We filmed at least 200 hours of material but we now require help in raising the funds to finish the project. The Kickstarter campaign hopes to raise £20,000 to cover the cost of a craft editor and the editing suite they will use, the sound mix, and the completion of the final big screen version, as well as the master for the streams, downloads and DVDs.

‘We want Graeme’s story to make a difference.’