The owner and operator of Balans café in London’s Old Compton Street has contacted So So Gay to confirm that the security company responsible for ejecting a gay couple has not been fired, contrary to our report two days ago.

As So So Gay reported, a security guard ordered the couple to leave, leading to a barrage of complaints from other people who had been similarly treated. At the time, it was reported that they were told to leave for kissing, which ‘was making other diners feel uncomfortable’, although this was denied by Balans, who promised to investigate.

Owner David Taylor said in a statement: ‘I [have] become increasingly worried over the last six months that the doormen we were being sent could not distinguish between people having a good time and those who were liable to cause problems for other diners. As one customer observed, the doormen appeared “menacing”. After much research I employed another security company who work with several other gay venues and is gay owned and operated.’

However, they have now told So So Gay: ‘The security firm [involved in this incident] have NOT been fired. The statement was referring to a previous company.’ They confirmed that they are still employed by Balans, adding that ‘their professional and relaxed manner has been a breath of fresh air.’

Taylor denied the couple were ejected for kissing, saying that they were ‘verbally abusive’ towards the staff, particularly the waiter who, he says, ‘is gay himself’. He added, ‘We have never, and never will, have any problem with anyone kissing their partner in our restaurants. We have only ever asked for things to be toned down if getting over exuberant.’