Berlin’s CSD parade has renamed itself Stonewall CSD Parade 2014, in order to reinforce the work they do throughout the year. CSD is the name given to Pride in many parts of Europe, and honours New York’s Christopher Street, which was the focus of riots against police brutality and frequent raids on bars.

Following months of discussions with members of the community, it was discovered that most people thought that the CSD organisation works only on one day of the year supporting equal rights, whereas for the past two years, it has been working throughout the year, lobbying politicians and helping human rights organisations in the German capital.

By adding the word Stonewall – the name of the bar the police attempted to shut down in June 1969 – the organisers believe they can reinforce that they do more than one day of work per year.

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The Stonewall CSD Parade 2014 is on 21 June, with a street festival the previous weekend in the Schöneberg gay area of Berlin.