With the European Elections scheduled for 22 May, LGBT rights and anti­-racism organisations have come together to denounce prejudice and encourage people to vote.

The video explains the choice given to Emma, an EU voter, in the May elections. Emma has friends who are from all walks of life: gay, straight, disabled, single mothers. Some European politicians and parties would like to prevent her from having rights, giving her an important reason to go out and vote for politicians who care about both Emma and her community.

The video encourages voters to pick candidates who support equality and diversity.

Explaining the campaign, Evelyne Paradis, Executive Director of ILGA­ Europe, said: ‘We speak for over a thousand organisations who firmly believe that discriminating against one minority affects everyone negatively. More equality and more justice are within reach, but to achieve that, people must vote in May.’

Michaël Privot, Director of the European Network Against Racism (ENAR), added: ‘We have a once­ in­ five ­years chance to truly set the course of European politics, and we’re seizing this moment to remind politicians and voters that all groups in society deserve equal protection.

‘This is a strong but simple message to future MEPs: the narrative is changing, they can’t put one minority against another anymore, because we stand united.’