Madrid has come in for criticism from human rights organisations after it was revealed that their free public wifi blocks gay-help websites and searches.

The city contracted out the running of the network to a multinational company, which used ‘family friendly’ filters to block gay websites, as well as web searches for gay, lesbian, transsexual and bisexual, according to Spanish newspaper 20 minutos.

The local council in the part of the city affected said that sites containing ‘adult information’ were blocked because the network was open to everyone, including children – but that this also happened to catch anything related to homosexuality.

Back in June, Spain was found to be the most gay-friendly place in the world, with 88 per cent of people saying that homosexuality should be socially accepted, compared to 87 per cent in Germany, 77 per cent in France and 76 per cent in the UK. Washington-based Pew Research Group questioned 37,000 people and found that, while homosexuality was widely accepted across most of the Americas and EU, it was rejected in predominantly Muslim nations and across Africa, as well as parts of Asia and Russia.