TV presenter Dr Christian Jessen, Erasure singer Andy Bell, comedian Joe Lycett, Coronation Street actor Charlie Condou and The Feeling frontman Dan Gillespie Sells are among the famous gay men pledging their support for this year’s National HIV Testing Week, which runs until Friday.

Dr Christian Jessen, presenter of Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies, said: ‘I fully believe that one day, we will stop HIV in its tracks. Organisations like Terrence Higgins Trust are already doing great work in driving down undiagnosed infections, but they can’t do it on their own. Supporting National HIV testing Week is something every one of us can do to show we still care about HIV, and we still want to keep ourselves and others safe.’

Dan Gillespie, lead vocalist with The Feeling, said: ‘It’s incredible how quick and easy tests are these days. They take a pin-prick of blood from your finger, and you have your results within minutes. You can even fit a test in to your lunch break.’

Erasure frontman Andy Bell, who was diagnosed with HIV in 1998, said: ‘When I was tested for the second time and found out I was HIV positive, I thought my world was going to collapse and cave in but thankfully this test actually saved my life. The sooner you find out whether you are positive (or negative), the sooner you can start your combination therapy and get the virus under control and live your life normally.’

You can find out where to get tested on the Starts with Me website.