Politicians from Dutch party VVD have proposed a new tourist campaign based on their established I AMsterdam promotion: this time in rainbow colours.

VVD deputy member of the Amsterdam City Council and diversity spokesperson Stefan de Bruijn says: ‘It’s important that the city continues to give the signal that it’s not only acceptable but totally normal to be gay in Amsterdam.

‘We hope to emphasise the commitment of Amsterdam towards tolerance for LGBT people.’

The campaign was inspired by the ‘Turkish Stairs’, where an Istanbul resident painted the staircase in front of his house in rainbow coloured stripes, starting a trend in support of the gay community throughout Turkey.

de Bruijn continues: ‘Both the rainbow flag and the I AMsterdam logo stand for something similar: openness and tolerance. It’s only logical to combine these two symbols so that they complement and strengthen each other and show the world what a truly wonderful city Amsterdam is.’

Because of its symbolic significance, the VVD also wants to explore the possibilities of – temporarily – placing the letters next to the Homomonument, the official gay monument in the middle of the city centre.