Cab company Uber has signed a deal with Stonewall to provide diversity training to all its drivers.

The company’s drivers, who are all self-employed and simply use the phone app as a means of getting customers, have a chequered history, with allegations of people being verbally abused and ordered out of cars for kissing.

Not only will the deal enrol Uber into Stonewall’s Diversity Champions Programme, it will also see Stonewall evaluate and advise Uber London on its driver training programme to ensure that all partner drivers are fully trained on diversity issues before hitting the road. Stonewall will fully evaluate the company’s driver training programme and can also counsel them on best practice for equality issues.

Jo Bertram, Regional General Manager for Uber in the UK said: ‘Uber already has a zero tolerance policy with regards to any kind of discrimination. However we want to go above and beyond to ensure that we are doing all we can to make sure our partner drivers and our staff are as well-trained as possible on all diversity issues. We’re hugely excited about this partnership and looking forward to working closely with Stonewall.’

Every new Uber user who signs up with the code RIDEWITHPRIDE15 will not only get £15 off their first ride, but Uber will also donate £2 to Pride.