Top London hairdresser Denis Robinson (formerly of Charles Worthington, Selfridges and Brooks + Brooks) has organised 20 colleagues to join together for a one-day cutting event at the end of the month, raising funds and increasing awareness of HIV.

Robinson said: ‘The dynamic of Cut the Stigma is a very simple one. Hairdressers from across the country will be donating time and their hairdressing skills, and the public are asked to donate a minimum of £20 to have a great haircut. All proceeds will be going to the HIV sexual health charity Terrence Higgins Trust.’

Robinson was diagnosed as HIV positive in 2007, a month after his best friend committed suicide after he received the same diagnosis. He battled with depression for three years and nearly took the same course of action as his friend.

‘Not only did I lose a friend to suicide, I also lost many friends through the stigma which surrounds an HIV diagnosis,’ he commented. ‘It is only through the help and support of Terrence Higgins Trust that I have come through and am now spending my life thinking of ways I can pay back all those who helped me.’

The event will be taking place at The Goldwell Academy on Shaftesbury Avenue from 10am-6pm on Sunday 29 March.