With disaffection from the LGBTQI* community in Brighton, a range of alternative Prides have sprung up so that gay and queer people who don’t feel like taking part in the official celebrations can have somewhere to go throughout the next few weeks. Many of these alternatives have been created in response to the community feeling a need to bring Pride back to its radical political roots, reminding people that Pride began as a riot against police oppression, led by queer people, in particular trans people and queer people of colour, in Stonewall, New York, 1969.

The community has organised itself around its own needs – aiming to create queer, trans-friendly, people of colour friendly, free, wheelchair accessible, political and safe events for LGBTQI* people and their allies in Brighton.

Free, sober, queer weekend with lots of different events including yoga, BBQs and art shows, 19-20 July

FemRock Brighton is having a Brighton pride special at The Green Door Store on 1 August. FemRock is a queer feminist not-for-profit night with female-fronted and queer performers – and vegan cake of course. It’s £3 entry before 8pm. All profits go to All Sorts, an LGBTQ youth project in Brighton.

Educational, sober, LGBTQIA+, wheelchair access, politics, family, history, cake at the Cowley Club. Daytime.

Queer hangout after the parade.

Non-profit evening of fun on 2 August, but not free.