There are many reasons why I love the European Union, but here’s just one:

Canada threatens trade war with EU over tar sands

Canada threatens trade war with EU over tar sands

My friend Bruno always thought I was Euro sceptic, because of the conversations I’ve had with him, but actually I think it’s an incredibly important force for good. The story about tar sands in Canada is just one reason.

There’s little doubt in my mind that the exploitation of tar sands is devastating for the local and global environment and causes local water and air pollution. That’s why the EU wants to label it as highly polluting. It’s not clear what this label actually means, but it’s certainly important to the Canadians, who have threatened to “defend [their] interests”.

On our own, the UK would probably cave in to Canada, along with Italy and France, which also have companies with interests in the tar sands. But together, as a union, we’re able to apply the label with little fear of repercussions.

Just like trade unions, united we stand, divided we fall.