Imagine the scene: you’re in the centre of one of the world’s biggest countries, with music thumping, rainbow flags flying and men wearing glitter bikinis and kissing each other. Everyone is celebrating love of all kinds.

Just one little thing: you’re in Moscow’s Red Square, and given Russia’s current anti-gay propaganda laws, this is only barely legal. Police in riot gear stand by, ready to spoil the fun.

This happened in Russia recently, with an unofficial World Pride event, and was videoed by a brave young man in tribute to his life partner who was forced to flee Russia. Although the man would prefer to remain anonymous, he said: ‘I fell in love with the world that day. There was only love.’

The news comes as part of clothes shop Benetton’s UNHATE Foundation campaign, sharing good news stories that we all like to see. UNHATE News is working in collaboration with the United Nations’ Department of Public Information to support 10 youth-driven initiatives around these issues.

You can watch the video online, and follow #unhatenews to keep up to date.

Featured image courtesy of UNHATE News.