After five years in Brighton, National Student Pride – the annual LGBT festival which draws students from across the UK and Ireland – is to move to London.

Tom Guy, President of Student Pride, said: ‘With the cost of remaining in Brighton now having become unsustainable due to a number of factors, we have made the decision to move the event to London in 2014. The move will make the event more accessible for thousands of students around the country and allow Student Pride to expand to include even more of the people who need it.

‘More than anything, our move to London is a sign of our growth and a tribute to everyone who has helped us develop from a one-off event to an essential part of the UK’s LGBT calendar.’

Student Pride includes networking evenings, a careers and community fair, performances and a club night, with 2014’s event to be held at ULU on 21-23 February.

It started in 2005 as a debate in response to the Oxford Brookes’ Christian Union talk on Homosexuality and the Bible. Debates remain a major part of National Student Pride.

National Student Pride includes exciting performances

National Student Pride includes exciting performances