Are you in an online relationship with someone that you haven’t met yet? MTV Catfish wants you!

The smash hit show focuses on people involved in online romances but who have never met their partner in person, often with shocking discoveries. According to an MTV poll, 25% of people pretend to be someone else online, and 20% have created an entirely fake profile.

With the British version of Catfish due to hit our screens in 2014, MTV are calling for anyone in a serious online relationship with someone they suspect isn’t who he or she says they are, to get in touch.

The producers are also keen to hear from anyone using a fake profile who is involved in a cyber romance. Assistant producer Louise Toplis told So So Gay: ‘Many of the applicants we’ve spoken to so far have cited financial reasons for not travelling across the country to meet, or have found it too hard to try and organise a weekend away together – so we’ll pay for you to travel to see them, and will also cover any loss of earnings for taking time off to film with us.’

‘It’s a fresh start for anyone coming clean about any secrets they’ve hidden or lies they’ve told and we have a very supportive team who they can talk to throughout the whole process.’

For more information or to register your interest please contact them via email.