A Manchester-based artist has created an artwork out of the homophobic tweets sent to Tom Daley after he came out.

Conor Collins created the image, which has been retweeted and liked over 10,000 times – including by Tom himself, after Daley, 19, took to YouTube to announce that he was in a relationship with a man.

Collins told Mancunian Matters: ‘What spoke to me was [Tom’s] bravery. For him to take charge and be open and honest about his life was brave and inspiring to many.

‘Coming out is hard, very hard, and for some it seems impossible.

‘I hate bullies, and homophobia is just another form of bullying. The problem is, homophobia is often just seen as a hateful comment on a placard or in the writings of certain right-wing newspapers. But it’s everywhere.’

‘To see the amount of hate directed at him boiled my blood.’