I posted this to all my social networks and the Apple discussions forums, but think it’s too important to leave alone,so if you have an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, please read on.

Police on bikes in London

Police on bikes in London. Hopefully the phone thieves don't look like this.

In the UK, and presumably elsewhere, there’s been a rise in the number of muggings where (usually) teenagers cycle up to you and snatch your device from your hand while you’re using it.

Even if you have a passcode lock, they will probably have complete access to your device, because you were using it when they grabbed it from you. The first thing they do is turn off location services so that you can’t track it.

Go to Settings, General, Restrictions, Location, Don’t allow changes. That way, if your device is stolen, and it’s unlocked at the time, they still can’t turn off location services, so you can track it using “find my iphone”.

Anyone trying to access the settings for Location services will be unable to – they’d need to enter the passcode you set earlier.

How to turn off access to location settings

Settings screen: how to turn off access to location settings